Breanna ❤
You never get over it. But you get to where it doesn’t bother you so much.
Unknown (via missinyouiskillingme)
And I’m broken, again
(via corpse-being-bride)
And I pluck at the flowers
growing in my wrists
and I look for my shears
but someone threw them
away and I want to talk but
I always choke on the thick
words coated in my throat
and look at the pretty tree with
scars on it and I wish I told her
that I liked the way her hair
reminded me of a burning
flame but I was suffocating on
the smoke her arm was laced
in and I always sit alone and
pretend I like it and it would be
a lie to say that I did not cry and
the silence is loud enough to rattle
on every tooth of my cracked smile
and I always look at the way that
they hold their hands and I used
to sing but the lyrics are no longer
lovely and my mind is hollow and
full with the only question of why
does it sometimes seem easier to
tie a knot as a necklace rather than
wake up in the morning and see
my empty reflection.
Hollow and full. (via dollpoetry)
I hate myself for the destruction I cause. I am made up of scrap metal that slits delicate skin, my heart is forged out of rotten wood salvaged from a ship wreck that leaves splinters on any other heart that makes contact with it. I know how to fix things, to patch them up and make them last a little longer, but it always falls apart and leaves ashes at my feet. Forgive me for the hurt I’ve caused you and understand that it was never my intention to slaughter your definition of love. Know that I loved you with all I had, but I’m only capable of so much. I did my best to warn you of how dangerous it is to play in the ruins, although I don’t think you understood what I meant. Despite all of this, all of the rubble that lays scattered around me, I know even in destruction comes hope. With the sound of a shatter comes the ability to see progress. I am learning to forgive myself, but I can’t blame you if you’re unable to do the same because I know I don’t deserve your compassion.
I’m sorry (via giveit-time)